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Irma Malatsidze, Sweetland. Editor Marine Bedoshvili, Illustrations by Ia Gigolashvili. Tb. Bakur Sulakauri Publishing House, 2004. The book has a beautiful cover eye catching for the big and the small, so I was not surprised when I heard "I want this book" when I was standing by the shelf in the store and a hand took "Sweetland" from the shelf. I was curious, I turned around and asked him how he had chosen it. He told me by the cover, his parent replied, He doesn’t know how to read yet. Beauty is something that a person, at all ages, cannot ignore.The title of "Sweetland" is also attractive. Even those who prefer a bitter or spicy taste to a sweet one do not deny that the word "sweet" has only a positive emotion. Especially for a child it means a lot. There is one psychological test where ninety-nine out of a hundred children answer the same question - "sweet" can only be good. The title of the fairy tale given by the writer is always a mood maker for the reader, and in this case it speaks of the author's "intention" - it is a fairy tale written for children. It is often said that a good children's book is also a good read for adults, but in this case the book is a children's book. And children love everything when it's theirs more than when they share it with adults - out of five identical items of different sizes, they choose the one that is most suitable for them. In terms of content, they love a story that ends well, but the process must be tense, there must be contradictions, dangers, which, unlike adults, make the child even more believe in the good end more, and at the end of the story they want it to go on. Parents will have to read "Sweetland" to their children many times, just as they have to tell the same story many times.The story of the country of sweetness tells the story of the life of one country, Sweetland, where orphaned boys and girls do not stay on the street, where the king and queen are so kind and fair that they choose to marry the only daughter to the poor wandering musician, happily. In this tale, good and evil are constantly at odds with each other - the king of Bitterland attacks the sweet, the vizier conspires against King Arvingagvigos, the magic potion of the apothecary Althaus turns King Nestar II and the Queen Zazu into good people for several hours... Art and friendship helps the musician Linovio in gaining the trust and g hand of the sad kings daughter. There is a lot of fear in this tale, many trials that the heroes overcome with the reader. The constant wrestling of justice and injustice in the fairy tale ends with the victory of justice. The author's principle of naming the characters is easy for the child: The infamous vizier Arvinggavigos, The infamous Don Cactuso and his children are Suskhia and Eklina, The kind queen Marmeladina and King Caramelius, the kind girl Vardia, Princess Rafaela, Gadia Puntushina, who is the curviest and kindest of Gadias,Kharazi Lancha,Boy Nigo, who is an unmistakable way to taste walnuts as sweets, are evil King Nestar II. However, the author has at least some negligence, for example - Amurtukhutsesi akh-okhi is an obscure and unexplained name for a child. The story is told from the first person, which children love very much - both those who ask others and those who read themselves - there is a feeling that the story is told by an eyewitness and thus the story becomes even more real. Kids don't like it when adults say things like "they say it," "it's said that," "it turns out," or "as they tell us." They are such realists that they will immediately believe that Don Cactus is an evil man because he has a thorny name, so touch a cactus, you will see how many klafort you will have. It is also believed that the girl Vardia can do nothing but good, Nor The Ladybug will be able to break anyone's heart, but if King Nestar II is not a good force, it is not worth reading a fairy tale for. A child will read this fairy tale in order to once again celebrate the victory of good over evil, the victory of love and friendship, and be filled with new vitality."Sweetland" is a good fairy tale, it just doesn't start with the words "Once, a long time ago there was.." and doesn't end with "Plague there, happiness here" just because this is an author's tale.